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6 Coronavirus Economic Impacts to Keep an Eye On

The economic and social impacts of COVID-19 are widespread and profound, so much so that it will take a long time to catalogue and assess them all in detail. But a number of things with important econ...

President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Will President Bukele Lift El Salvador Out of Its Economic Slump?

Colombia did it twenty-five years ago. At that time, one of the world’s most violent countries found a way to reinvent itself. Today, another Latin American country aims to do the same. Can it work? T...

Host of Altamar Global Issues Podcast and BRINK columnist

Cyber Risk Grows as Criminals Exploit Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis is shuttering schools, businesses and entire communities in an effort to slow the spread of the pandemic. Cybercriminals have begun to actively exploit this crisis, with million...

Partner, Digital and Financial Services at Oliver Wyman Partner at Oliver Wyman Financial Services

Can the EU Financial System Handle the Strain of Coronavirus?

Ahead of the recent EU summit, nine EU leaders, including France’s President Emmanuel Macron, urged European colleagues to forge a common response to the economic challenge posed by COVID in Europe. T...

Head of European Affairs at Commerzbank AG and BRINK Columnist

Why Are Some Stock Markets in Asia Less Affected by Coronavirus?

Asian equities are in a sea of red. Thrashed by one fear after another, most markets have either entered the bear market or are getting close to the line. A widely spreading coronavirus pandemic, an u...

Economist for Natixis Senior Fellow for Bruegel and Chief Economist for Asia Pacific at Natixis