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Risk in Context Podcast: Resilience Amid a Divergent Recovery

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Marsh’s Risk in Context podcast series helps listeners better understand key risks, build more effective insurance programs, and think creatively about risk.

The Global Risks Report 2022, produced annually by the World Economic Forum with the support of Marsh McLennan and other partners, explores today’s serious and complex risk landscape amidst a divergent recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Martin South, Marsh’s President and CEO, and Carolina Klint, Marsh’s Risk Management Leader for Continental Europe, discuss the findings of this year’s report.

On technology’s role during the COVID-19 crisis:

“I think we’ve taken for granted the fact that technology has enabled us to power through the pandemic. Imagine what the environment would have been like 20, 30 years ago to try to deal with this.” – Martin South

On recovery from the pandemic:

“Now, two years from the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the actions and behaviors of all stakeholders will determine how quickly the world recovers and embeds the resilience needed to prepare for the next major shock because there will be another next major shock. – Carolina Klint

On the need to focus on other risks:

“The pandemic obviously remains a pressing issue, especially as we see the omicron variant continue to post health risks to individuals, overwhelm medical infrastructure, and disrupt businesses. But businesses need to be mindful of a variety of risks whether related to climate change, geopolitics, social unrest, technology, space, or other areas.” – Martin South

On the next major crisis:

“The question that I get from clients quite often is: What is the next big thing? Is it going to be another virus? And I think looking at how things are shaping up, I think it might be a virus but I think it might be a cyber virus.” – Carolina Klint

Carolina Klint

Risk Management Leader, Continental Europe at Marsh @CarolinaKlint

Carolina Klint was appointed Risk Management Leader for Continental Europe in October 2020. She oversees Marsh’s Risk Management teams in the region and leads the development of strategic solutions that support and enable Marsh’s largest clients to navigate the global risk landscape. Carolina is a member of the Continental Europe Executive Committee, and serves as the official Marsh McLennan spokesperson for the Word Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report.

Martin South

President and CEO of Marsh

Martin is President and Chief Executive Officer of Marsh and oversees all of Marsh’s businesses and operations globally. He is also Vice Chair of Marsh McLennan. With more than 30 years in the insurance industry, Martin joined Marsh for the first time in 1985 with Bowring Marsh, a Marsh McLennan broking unit. His industry experience includes senior leadership roles at Zurich Financial Services, where he was a member of the Group Management Board, responsible for all of Zurich’s operations outside of North America and Europe, and CEO of Zurich’s London operations. Since rejoining Marsh in 2007, Martin has served as CEO of Marsh’s Asia-Pacific region, CEO of Marsh UK and Ireland, CEO of Marsh Europe and CEO of Marsh US and Canada.

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