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Forty-Five Percent of Africa’s Population Lacks Broadband Access

Visualization of fiber infrastructure in Africa and population density, showing unserved regions. Total population is estimated for each 10,000 km2 hexagon; those with populations below 100,000 are excluded. Source:, Network Startup Resource Center, TeleGeography and European Commission


Despite some progress, “much of Africa is still unconnected, and large populations cannot fully realize the benefits of connectivity,” concludes a World Bank working group on digital development in Africa

The data map it produced shows that “approximately 45% of Africa’s population is further than 10 km (6.2 miles) from fiber network infrastructure,” and “about a third of the population remains out of reach of mobile broadband signal in sub-Saharan Africa.”  

To double connectivity in Africa by 2021 will require an investment of $9 billion, with another $100 billion needed to reach universal broadband access by 2030, the World Bank Group examined in an October report, Connecting Africa Through Broadband.

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