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Regional Spotlight: Europe

How Will the New Italian Government Handle the EU?

The victory of the national conservative party of Giorgia Meloni will cause anxiety around Europe, especially in France and Germany. Alex Privitera, fellow at UniMarconi, Rome, explains that the symbolism of a post-fascist party soon holding the levers of power in one of the founding member countries of the European Union won’t be lost on European politicians who built the union as a response to the Second World War and the dark times of fascism in Italy and Germany.


In Practice

Does Working from Home Increase Employee Autonomy?

At the same time, remote work does give people more autonomy to dictate when and how they want to work. And it does decrease the transparency that managers have into the work of their employees. And so if you do have employees coasting, it's harder to pick up on it, unless you're micromanaging them or using some kind of draconian monitoring.
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There was a strong correlation between employee deviance and monitoring, due to an employee’s loss of a sense of agency and a displacement of moral responsibilities. Essentially, workers who are frequently monitored no longer feel like they have control over their choices.
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