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BRINKPods: Evolving Industries

A birds-eye view of a construction site, with tall skyscrapers around a barren middle ground.

How Inflation Is Impacting Construction Projects

As persistently high inflation affects economies around the world, the construction industry is feeling the effects of increased pricing — from the skyrocketing prices of steel, lumber, and fuel to the significantly increased cost of skilled labor. In this episode of Risk in Context, Richard Gurney, global head of construction within Marsh Specialty, talks to Kelly Outram, head of global contractor development at Marsh, and Gaurav Kapoor, the strategy and operations leader for global construction, about the effect of inflation on the construction industry and actions that contractors and project owners can take to address multiple risks.


Carbon Offsets: Solution or Scam?

The promise of carbon offsets and other carbon pricing systems is that you can do more with less. The money that you save from using carbon offsets can be used to invest in more reductions and more decarbonization — so that’s the promise. If you use them in that way, then they really can accelerate climate action and be transformative in driving us towards where we need to go.
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In principle, carbon trading can lead to robust, verifiable emission reductions at greater efficiency and lower cost (the purported objective of carbon trading schemes), but in reality, carbon trading is often beset by verification and transparency issues.
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