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Spotlight: AI, NFTs and Cryptocurrency

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ChatGPT-Style Tech Is About to Change Our World

ChatGPT burst onto the technology world, gaining 100 million users by the end of January 2023, just two months after its launch and bringing with it a looming sense of change. Essentially overnight, most of the world gained access to AI that they could use for their own purposes. In this episode of The Conversation Weekly, researchers who study computer science, technology and economics explore how the rapid adoption of technologies has, for the most part, failed to change social and economic systems in the past — and why AI might be different.



What Does Gen Z Want?

For [Gen Z], it’s no longer about just getting a paycheck. Gen Z is hungry for purpose in the workplace — they want to know that they are having a larger impact on the world. That means companies need to bring purpose into their everyday work — or risk losing these employees. Don’t ignore leveraging Gen Z’s digital acumen and finding ways to include them in innovation efforts.
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For Generation Z, transparency in the workplace is a must. More than 40% of the young adults surveyed said companies don’t do a good job of showing salaries, 38% said job descriptions were vague and almost a third said hiring timelines were unclear. To combat these perceived shortcomings, they share information with one another in informal networks via social media, with content creators often providing tips and coaching to help peers sus out competitive salary ranges, play one offer against another and 'know their worth.'
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