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Regional Spotlight: Asia

An aerial view of a road winding through colorful mountains. A mining truck can be seen driving on the road.

China Is Moving Rapidly Up the Rare Earth Value Chain

Rare earth elements play a critical role in developing new industries, and China aims to transform itself from the largest producer and refiner of rare earth elements to the world’s major manufacturer of the clean energy products dependent on rare earth metals. Xianbin Yao, professor of international studies at De LaSalle University, Manila, explores how China became the dominant player in the global rare earth market and its industrial consolidation of rare earth industry.



Will Pensions Be Enough for Retirement?

In defined contribution plans, retirees and near-retirees are considered the more inflation-sensitive groups. Increases in the price of goods and services, including health care costs, can be especially burdensome to retirees on a fixed income, and the time horizon to recover any erosion of purchasing power through salary increases is reduced for those in the latter stages of their career.
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We need to convert [the pot of money] into an income stream. A quarter of a million might seem like a lot of money to many individuals, but when that’s got to last 20 or 30 years, it’s not much at all. So we’ve got to start talking about incomes in retirement.
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