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BRINKPods: Evolving Industries

The opening ceremony for the winter Olympics in Beijing. The five Olympic rings hang over a stage lit in blue and green with athletes gathered in a semicircle underneath the rings

Is Sportswashing Now a Thing?

Sportswashing, coined in 2018 by Amnesty International, describes how countries with questionable democracies and poor human rights records clean their reputation by becoming the epicenter of global athletic events. In this new episode from Altamar, guest Nick Sprague discusses the political impact of countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and China making broad inroads into sports.



Reactions to the Metaverse

Many consumers now expect a combination of in-store and digital experiences, and the metaverse offers the ability to engage with brands and products using a personalized avatar.
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Some ... fear a digital dystopia where we are seduced, stupefied and puppeteered in the glass cages of a new, subtle and seductive form of capitalism.
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