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The Rise of Flexible Work

International remote work is about allowing employees to work for a limited number of days abroad — a kind of lifestyle benefit. Sometimes called 'workation,' it can be a way to extend the time spent in a holiday location. The name workation itself could be misleading or backfire because it blurs the line between work and holidays and suggests a superficial purpose. But the reality is more nuanced: Employees are trying to create a better lifestyle for themselves and their family, and companies that are open to remote work options contribute to enhancing their experience while retaining them.
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Historically, working outside the traditional, full-time, on-site employment model has taken a toll on pay, promotion probability and performance ratings. Leaves of absence have had long-lasting, negative effects on opportunities for advancement and pay. We know this is particularly impactful for women, who are more likely to use them. It is not yet clear how the pandemic has affected flex and remote work trends or how it will impact career equity. ... Still, the strength and consistency of those historical patterns suggests employers need to be on the alert for the resurgence of unintended negative consequences.
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