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The Productivity Puzzle of Working Remotely

Research by Harvard University suggests that there are productivity gains for companies that offer remote working — both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, whether those gains will persist after the pandemic depends on the type of workers attracted to remote jobs.



Is Organized Labor Making a Comeback?

Among the public right now, we have the most pro-labor attitude that we’ve ever had. So if unions start talking to workers and do more organizing, that’s the most positive thing that they can do. My sense is that millennials are more in favor of organized labor, but we have to see what they do in the workplace. Are they going to get out there and organize with unions? They’re definitely getting involved.
Kate Bronfenbrenner, Director of Labor Education Research at Cornell University
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While [Millennials] do have a positive view of organized labor, they’re not so certain that in its current shape and current form, it’s the right kind of worker organization for them. They’re likely to vote in ways that are supportive of organized labor’s agenda, but they might not want to form a traditional labor union that bargains collective bargaining agreements, even though collective bargaining agreements are things they see as valuable.
Robert Bruno, Professor of Labor and Employment Relations at University of Illinois
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