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Who Will Be Most Exposed to AI Disruption in the US?

Prior research indicates that less-educated workers will experience the greatest shock from automation, but the authors of a new report from Brookings found that when they focused solely on AI, the trend changes and “better paid professionals” are the ones most likely to experience disruption in their jobs. 

The impact will be felt most strongly by men, workers ages 25-54 and white and Asian Americans in the U.S., according to the report. Industries with a majority of women on staff, including education and health care, are less likely to be disrupted by AI, it found. 

Workers and businesses should prepare for AI to have a different effect on the workforce than robotics and software had, the authors advise, because “while earlier waves of automation have led to disruption across the lower half of the wage distribution, AI appears likely to have different impacts, with its own windfalls and challenges.”

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